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Artist and Meditation teacher inspiring your inner guru to wake up and dance.
One with Art

One with Art


Sacha Suarez is a Miami native, self-taught Artist and certified Yoga and Meditation teacher.  Combining more than 20 years of experimental painting experience with a practical background as an online marketing professional, advertising executive, professional photographer, truth seeker and creative entrepreneur.

After working for many years in Corporate America with several top media companies such as The Miami Herald and Univision Communications, Sacha decided to follow her passions: Art, Yoga and meditation.  During the next two years, she headed on a journey and traveled throughout the U.S., Costa Rica, Asia, and India to learn everything she could about herself and find her future calling. Within these two years, she became a certified Yoga Instructor and later traveled to Thailand to study meditation with Buddhist monks.   The desire for additional knowledge and experience continued as she subsequently completed a 300 hour meditation training in Rishikesh, India.  With a continued passion for art and healing, Sacha soon after received a Social Emotional Arts Certificate from the UCLA Arts and Healing Program.  This UCLA program provides training on the best social-emotional practices in the various modalities such as art, dance/movement, drumming, music, poetry, and theater for youth and other populations.   The benefits of these social-emotional practices provide self-awareness, self-confidence and minimize self-judgment and anxiety that can impede learning.  


After learning many methods of meditation, including Mindfulness, Laughter Yoga meditation, Yoga Nidra meditation, pranayama and mantra meditation, Sacha incorporates her own unique style to meditation.  She hopes to inspire a curiosity for a deeper connection to one’s heart and mind which ultimately bring inner peace.    Sacha currently teaches at various Yoga studios and instructs private sessions.  She is currently on the path to becoming a Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher through the Center For Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts.


Sacha combines her passion for art and spirituality in her painting style with a deep connection to body, mind and spirit.  Seeking to capture the essence of her emotions through the use of color and line, she works mostly with acrylics, mixed media, finger painting and a blow dryer to create unique textures.  Her unique and heartfelt fusion offers a powerful, hands-on experience where painting becomes a channel to personal transformation, self-love, and self-expression — where idiosyncratic life lessons are released along the way.  Sacha’s style is described as calm and harmonious surrealism.

She has had several art exhibits, live painting events and won numerous awards such as with the Broward Art Guild. Sacha currently works out of her studio in Little Havana with her dog Eisenhower (Ike).  Sacha’s vibrant original paintings and prints are sold in several locations and are available on the site.  For inquiries or request for commission work, please contact through the contact form on the website.

Sacha is an Artist and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher committed to inspire others to practice the numerous techniques of meditation for inner peace, including drawing and painting.  She views drawing and painting as a channel for meditation and teaches an Intuitive Drawing meditation class.  Click here for more information.